The translation of the word sushi is rice vinaigrette accompanied by raw fish, cooked or marinated with shellfish, vegetables or eggs.
It was initially a side dish and gradually became a meal. It was not until the Edo period (1603-1867) that we start to classify it into categories like chirashizushi, nigirizushi the Oshizushi the inarizushi, the futomaki, the hosomaki the temaki, etc. . . .
In the 19th century the presentation of sushi evolved. The fish was not wrapped in rice, but placed above elongate pressed rice agglomerate. This is what we call the nigiri sushi, literally sushi hand-pressed, become common way to eat sushi. At that time, the sushi was served in the street, as a snack, a sort of forerunner of the fast food … It has quickly become extremely popular and spread throughout japan. Following World War II, sales of sushi were more regulated, and street sales were replaced by shops and restaurants. Thereafter, this original way of consuming fish was quickly adopted by Western cultures.

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